Where sales drives marketing

For new products and scaling businesses, we firmly believe that sales should drive your marketing, and not the other way around.

For new products and scaling businesses, we firmly believe that sales should drive your marketing, and not the other way around. Sales is where you come face to face with your customer. It’s your most powerful resource in product and market development.

iQuila Sales Material Examples
2- page leave-behinds for iQuila's networked solutions

When selling complex propositions into complex organisations, it’s inevitable that every area of your business will evolve. This is particularly true of your sales function, your marketing and your product.

A diagram demonstrating our approach to sales and marketing

Harmonising sales, marketing and product is essential. You must ensure on-the-ground market insights inform product development, which in turn informs your narrative and collateral. We help you create feedback loops that ensure you’re quickly adapting and accurately addressing the market need.

Our CCO Approach

At Gardn, we often support or take on the role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). We guide your business to ensure your sales, marketing and product are aligned and informing each other. We’re your virtual CCO.

  • Maximise every sales touch-point
  • We attend sales calls and meetings
  • Ensure your product communications have focus
  • Let us support and manage sales feedback loops
  • Optimise the success of new feature or product launches
  • Know when to adapt and when to maintain course
I believe the CCO is set to become the pivotal player in building organisational cultures more closely aligned with market forces.
Amy Danise, Forbes

Codiance Sales Material Examples
Codiance Sales Collateral

In a practical sense, all our sales materials and sales training support the needs of scaling businesses. We keep you nimble and focused.

  • Marketing materials designed to edit yourself
  • Collateral that scales with your business
  • Materials that can quickly adapt

Our extensive on-the-ground sales experience in fast-paced, evolving environments ensures our sales materials and approach help you sell without being in the room. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to see more of our sales materials.

Featured case studies


We’re over-the-moon. The new narrative and sales materials will transform those first interactions with potential customers. Gardn has helped frame our technology in a way that’s clear and concise to anyone.. something we couldn’t have achieved on our own
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It’s been a great experience working with the team at Gardn. They’ve been able to distill our proposition and value clearly and concisely - making everything we do instantly ‘getable’. This has been so important when meeting new clients.
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Better Boards

Our ongoing relationship with Gardn has gone from strength to strength. If you asked me at the beginning of the process whether our offering could be summarised on 1 ½ pages of A4, I wouldn’t have believed you!
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Avid Games

It’s been fantastic working with the Gardn team. Genuinely had goosebumps when reading our new narrative for the first time. It managed to articulate and communicate what we do concisely, and approached it in a way that we hadn’t thought about before.
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I wanted to work with Gardn to refine our sales pitch. In reality it’s helped us reframe the product and much better understand what we’re all about. It’s been a game-changer working with Amit and Martyn’s team.
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