Turning Technology into Great Ideas

So often, new technologies have so much potential, but they’re not buyable — the end user has to figure out how they could use it, instead of having simple, powerful illustrations of the platform in use.

Working with Landmrk, we helped to develop a clear and buyable proposition which media agencies and brands can get excited about, and implement.

Agencies are busy busy busy.

The insight: agencies are busy, brands are busy — and often don’t have time to think about how a new technology and platform could be applied. So you need to take them ideas, ready to go.

We created a simple way to tell a story around what landmrk is, does and could do — threaded together with brilliant executional ideas.

The output of the short process was:

  • a product positioning and simple story which explains the products, and outlines the possibility.
  • an approach to developing ideas for pitches and briefs
  • a number of kickass executional ideas for brands such as adidas, Hendricks and Sony Pictures.

Action Strategy

What often takes months (brand position, market fit, narrative development; Strategy needs to form the foundation for action, not 30 pages upfront which gets in the way of ideas and execution), we crystallised in just under two weeks, allowing Gardn and the Landmrk team to get down to having conversations and creating brilliant campaigns with their partners.

Interestingly, this also feels like a gap for many agencies and media owners. Rapid concept generation, which combines a brands’ brief, a platforms capabilities, a consumer need, into one stonkingly great idea that you can run with, plugged into the rest of the ecosystem, rather than a standalone concept.

Three way relationships

Media owners are often too far at arm’s length to create something that integrates with the larger campaign. Agencies are often too stretched or risk averse to try something new, or give new technologies the time to imagine what’s possible. Brands need results and tangible outcomes, rather than risky what-ifs. That takes a team who can move at pace, aren’t tied into to BAU, and can work across brand, ad agency and platform without allegiance to anything but brilliant work.

Yet again, a great opportunity to work better with external teams to rapidly try things which can unlock huge value, and create better bridges between teams.

It’s been a great experience working with the team at Gardn. They’ve been able to distill our proposition and value clearly and concisely - making everything we do instantly ‘getable’. This has been so important when meeting new clients. It saves everyone a lot of time and allows us to jump straight into great ideas’.
Tom Neild, Commercial Director.

To see some of the work we produced for Landmrk, please drop us a line here or by emailing hello@gardn.co.