Building single narratives for Investors, Employees and Customers

KISS. Not the band.

KISS is what the British SAS would often say to their American counterparts who had more people, more resources and more technology than themselves.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. KISS.

For scaling business, things are rarely simple. And trying to maintain joined-up external comms is where both small and large organisations often trip up.

What material do you use for a sales pitch? An investment deck? PR release? Or onboarding new team members?

That’s why Gardn’s storytelling focus is on building single narratives that are designed to speak to investors, new employees and potential customers.

  • They’re the starting point of any comms.
  • The approach simplifies messaging.
  • It makes it easy for anyone to talk about you.

All in a language that is comfortable for everyone - no matter how un/technical the listener.

When everyone uses the same story, people hear it more. And as advertisers have always known, frequency aids recall.

Avid Games and their new title, Cards, The Universe and Everything, is a mobile card game that combines strategy and collecting, with the humour of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - it’s a lot of fun!

The Avid Games team is growing fast. The game is reaching a broader base than they imagined. They’re writing award entries and setting their north star.

Their narrative needs to speak to a wide range of people.

We helped them build a narrative toolkit that provided the guiding principles for any external comms. Something that would quickly communicate who they are, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

“It’s been fantastic working with the Gardn team. Genuinely had goosebumps when reading our new narrative for the first time. It managed to articulate and communicate what we do concisely, and approached it in a way that we hadn’t thought about before.”
Paul Mayze, MD Avid Games.